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H0234 折り畳み式三徳


¥36,300 税込


㈱佐治打刃物 佐治 武士作 種類:三徳 刃渡:130mm 全長:300mm 折り込み時:170mm 鋼材:粉末ハイス鋼(ステンレス) Saji Knives Blacksmith: Takeshi Saji Blade Type: Double-edged blade Knife Type: Knife Blade Length: 130mm Total Length: open-300mm, hold-170mm Steel Type: HHS with layers (stainless) *Tips* - The color and the pattern of the handle are more or less different by each product due to the use of natural materials. - We make our each products by hand. The mentioned weight is just for your reference and different by each product.